Cemetery oversight regulation revision sent to Governor

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) said the Senate concurred with House amendments Dec. 13 on revised cemetery legislation that will make several changes to the previously approved Cemetery Oversight Act.

A few improvements to SB 1830 includes the elimination of cemetery worker registration, a provision that volunteer managers and customer service employees do not have to be licensed, and an exemption for cemeteries from the Act if they have care funds.

Sen. Rezin said while many of the changes scale back the original version of the legislation, there are still components that will directly raise the cost of burials in Illinois, such as a $2 increase on all death certificates.  She went on to say that the revisions to this Act were necessary in order to correct some over-stepping by the Legislature.

“This legislation is going to be beneficial to cemeteries across the region and state,” Sen. Rezin said.  “When the Cemetery Oversight Act was passed, we heard that the regulations were burdensome, unnecessary and costly.  This concurrence will hopefully correct some of those burdens while still maintaining proper oversight and regulation on cemeteries in Illinois.”

The legislation will now be sent to Gov. Pat Quinn for his approval. 


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