Times are tough for Illinois.  This state faces many difficult issues and no single issue is of greater importance than putting our fiscal house in order.  Unless we are on a firm financial footing, Illinois can not possibly hope to be able to provide its citizens with necessary services.  This is why I believe that we need to get our budget under control and repeal the income tax increase passed in January of 2011.

As a part of the budget struggles Illinois faces, we will look for ways to reform our pension system that is factually unsustainable.  The subject is extremely sensitive to those it affects, but it cannot be denied that public pensions are in jeopardy.  Future projections indicate that over 50% of our sales, income, and corporate tax revenues will be required to make our pension obligation payment by the year 2045.  Paying that high of a percentage of revenue would only edge out the ability to pay for other services in the state.  While it is unclear what type of reform might pass the Legislature, it is clear that something must be done for the eventual benefit of all. 

I also believe that working to promote a better business climate in Illinois is a fundamental part of building a strong and prosperous state.  A better business climate is one that is fair to employers and leads to the creation of jobs for Illinois citizens.  Building a better business climate will not only encourage businesses already located in Illinois to expand and grow, but will also attract new business and create new opportunities.

I strongly believe that working to ensure a prosperous future for Illinois citizens is extremely importantly.  As a legislator, I will continue to work to create a business friendly environment that will promote sustainability and growth not just now, but for our children as well. 

I am always glad to hear from the people I represent.  Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or opinions you would like to express.