LaSalle Veterans’ Home Wish List 2012

Wish List 2012

Please note:
•    The home cannot accept clothing due to space limitations.
•    Due to infection control policies, the home requests that all donated items be NEW and unused.
•    When sending a monetary donation, please write on the check exactly how you would like the gift to be used.  The home makes every effort to purchase items according to your wishes. 

Please contact Tammy Edgcomb, Volunteer Services, prior to purchasing any of the items on this list.
Phone: 815-223-0303, Ext. 259 (M-F, 8 am – 4 pm)

Volunteer Services & Activities
Groups and individuals –
    To sponsor parties and provide entertainment programs
    To sponsor outing for dinner and entertainment
    To take residents outdoors during nice weather (courtyard monitors)

Group(s) to sponsor “Welcome Package” for every new admission.  Packet will include a tote bag, polo top, cap, etc.  Tote bag will have IVH-L logo printed on it and clothing items will as well (on-going expense).

Financial support to purchase a Christmas gift for each resident (on-going expense).

Financial support to cover the cost of printing and postage of monthly Vet’s Gazette newsletter
    Postage – approx. $3000.00 per year
    Printing – approx. $3600.00 per year

Funds to cover cost of TV service for veterans enjoyment (on-going expense)

Subscriptions to the following newspapers (on-going expense):
    LaSalle News Tribune
    Ottawa Times
    Chicago Tribune

(2) color laser printers i.e. MFC-9970CDW for resident use – approx. $750.00 each
(2) desktop personal computers for resident use – approx. $1500.00 each

Activity Department
(12) small radio/CD players for use at resident bedside – est. $25.00 each
(2) Apple class iPods – est. $250.00 each
(3) Shake Wiggler Set (S&S Worldwide-CHM 17618) – $10.99 each
    Creates interest in withdrawn or low functioning residents
(1)    Wii Game “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader” (MH 10045) – $28.95 + S/H
New game sets:
    Uno deck
    Blink deck
    Spill and Spell

(1)  Sounds at Home (CMH 17383), Outside Sounds (CMH 17384), Sounds on the Farm (CMH 17385) – $17.99 each
These items would be sensory stimulation during 1:1 visits or small groups

(1) Bowling pin set w/ 5lb. bowling ball (CMH W2773) – $78.99/set
(1) Bowling pin set w/ 2 ½ lb. bowling ball (CMH W2668) – $68.99/set

Facility wide (pioneering projects to make our home more home-like):
We are looking for groups/individuals to adopt a courtyard or landscaped area.  This would include weeding and keeping the areas looking nice year round.

Donations to assist in purchasing paver in memory of former residents whose families can no longer be contacted.  (We hope to have a paver placed for every veteran who has resided in our home.)

Financial support to help with the upkeep and maintenance of landscaped areas in front of building and courtyards, to include pruning shrubs, re-mulching, seasonal and monthly care and clean-up, weed treatment, etc.

Funds to purchase seasonal decorations for lobby area, corridors and dining rooms, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, etc.

(2) 3.75 liter capacity, stainless steel lined airpots – $119.00 each

Modular Cafeteria meal service system (to serve meals buffet style) – $40,000.00 est.

(3) 3-shelf food service carts – $375.00 each

(2)    Blanket warmers to warm blankets for resident comfort – est. $6500.00 each
(3)    Rhapsody Recumbant Bathing Systems with Lift Trolley – est. $24,000.00 each
(4)    Maxi-move Combo Patient Lifts Item #KMCLUN-D – est. $6400.00 each
(2)    Electric blood pressure machines
(3)    Pulse Oximeters

Norelco recharageable razors with 3 heads – Walmart $40-50 each

Nursing needs the following educational materials (DVDs) for properly training staff in the care of our veterans:
Speaking Out on Abuse: The Resident’s Perspective Order #RP101 – $150.00
Understanding Me: The Younger Resident’s Perspective Order #RP110 – $150.00
Living in Long-Term Care: The Resident’s Perspective Order #RP 112 – $150.00
My Pain is Undertreated: The Resident’s Perspective Order #RP107 – $150.00
Sexual Advances Toward Staff Order #CE646 – $150.00
Personal Care ADL Neglect Order #AB404 – $150.00
You Can Save a Life: Reporting a Chance in Mental Status to Ensure Prompt Treatment
    Order #CE648 – $150.00
Restorative Care: Being a Motivator Order #CE614 – $150.00

Physical Therapy:
Pro Gym – Item #7162 (Sammons-Preston) – $4600.00
Recumbent Stepper – Item #5603-94 – $5000.00

(4)    Adapt-A-Lap Book Holder – $50.00 each

Display and Supplies (DEMCO Catalog):
(2) Acrylic poster holders 17×23” P131-2240 and P131-2241 – $50.00 each
10-poster motivational set 24×18” P131-0278 – $80.00 set
Media (new movie, music and book releases) – $200.00
6-10 ft. extension cords and power strips

Needed for use by residents in their rooms:
Universal TV remote controls (large button and regular) – est. $10.00 each
Library sloping shelf booktruck – Demco Item #9154 – $200.00 each
(48) Curve-corner file cases – Demco Item #SC805100 – $120.00 each
(6) Standard magazine boxes – Demco Item #SC122-3227 – $35.00 each
(6) Glass mount sign holders – Demco Item #SC149-4479 – $20.00 each

Maintenance/Resident Transportation:
Handicapped Van – could us third van due to transportation schedule.  Current vehicle have about 70,00 and 120,000 miles on them

Handicapped Bus – 30 foot bus is having mechanical problems and parts are difficult to find due to the age of the vehicle.  Approx. $90,000.

Floor machines – most of the floor equipment is 20+ years old and no longer working sufficiently.  Approx. $10,000.

Items residents can use:
Diabetic socks (Walmart carries these)
Men’s loose fitting tube socks (please no over-the-calf length)
Postage stamps or donations to purchase postage stamps
AA Lithium Ion Batteries
AAA Batteries
New greeting cards (birthday, special birthday, masculine birthday, new baby, anniversary, sympathy, thank you, thinking of you, etc.)
Antibacterial body wash/shower gel (not liquid hand soap)
Denture adhesive such as Polygrip
Pre-shave lotion and gel
After shave lotion and gel
Tooth brushes
Tooth brush holders (individual)
Baby bath liquid soap
Fingernail clippers – large size
Nail files
Nail polish and nail polish remover
Hair brushes
Efferdent tablets
Pre-paid telephone cards
Jigsaw puzzles (500 piece or less)
Men’s briefs or boxers (various sizes) (must be new)
White t-shirts (various sizes) (must be new)
Sweatpants (L, XL, XXL, XXXL) (masculine colors: navy, black, green, and gray)
Lap quilts 45×60” or slightly larger or twin size in masculine colors

Items NOT needed:
Food/snack items (please avoid due to dietary and swallowing problems)
Hotel/motel soaps and shampoos (we cannot use)
Bar soaps (we do not use bar soap)
Bath power (we cannot use any powders)
Baby Magic creamy baby oil
Playing cards
Safety razors (not allowed – we use Norelco triple-head electric razors)
Shaving cream
Lap robes
Used books
Magazines over 3 months old
Envelopes and stationary
Puzzles over 500 piece

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