Rezin says Senate Republicans were shut out of education reform legislation

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) has issued the following statement regarding legislation introduced by State Sen. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) that reforms education funding in Illinois:

“Last year, Senate Republicans issued an in-depth report concerning the gross inequities in state funding for education.  As a result, a bipartisan Senate Education Funding Advisory Committee (EFAC) was created to examine education funding issues.  I was honored to sit on the committee and as a caucus, we were proud to have been the impetus that led to the committee creation.  From our meetings over the course of the last several months, both sides have recognized that reforms are needed.  However, in January, a committee report was issued from the EFAC that not all Republicans on the committee agreed upon, myself included.  

Today, I learned of a press conference regarding the introduction of Senate Bill 16, which aims to reform education funding.  I did not know about this legislation or the press conference until after the press conference had concluded.  No Senate Republican was asked to be a part of crafting the legislation or attend the press conference.  I found that to be extremely disappointing after a year of working together on the advisory committee.  

We are still analyzing the legislation, but at first glance, there are several areas that I agree with and support and then other areas we need to continue to work on.  It is my hope that we will not be shut out of the process of working on this legislation as we have been at its outset, and that we can come to some agreements to pass reform that will make education funding more equitable across the state.”


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