Senator Rezin Named Edgar Fellow

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Peru) has been named to the prestigious Edgar Fellows Program, which brings together government, business, and community leaders to help foster cooperation as the state faces major challenges.

 “It’s an incredible honor to be recognized as a leader throughout Illinois,” said Senator Rezin. “I have long believed cooperation between leaders of both parties, as well as other units of government and businesses, is the key to tackling the biggest issues facing our state.”

The privately-funded program is organized by the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA) through the Office of Public Leadership.

Senator Rezin recently completed an extensive and intense executive training program hosted by the IGPA and former Governor Jim Edgar.

“If we are to solve the multitude of thorny, long-term problems facing Illinois, we must develop our leaders from an early point in their careers to be ethical, thoughtful, empathetic, and with an eye to the entire state, not just their own piece of it,” said IGPA Director Christopher Mooney. “This is the goal of the Edgar Fellows program, and we at IGPA and the University of Illinois are very proud to host it.


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