Safe Shopping Guide

The Illinois Attorney General recently released a “2014 Safe Shopping Guide” to help keep consumers safe as they prepare for this holiday season. Significantly more gifts are purchased around this time of year than other season.

The list provides shoppers with an updated list of hazardous children’s toys, including pictures and detailed descriptions of over 100 children’s products that were recalled throughout 2014.

This year the guide also cautions consumers about the possibility for identity theft. Due to recent breaches in data security with major national retailers, such as Target and Michaels, buyers are urged to be vigilant when entering their billing information or using debit or credit cards online.

The shopping guide provides several examples of how to keep accounts secure and also provides information on what to do if a person believes their identity has been stolen.

For more information, or to see a full copy of the “2014 Safe Shopping Guide,” please visit the Illinois Attorney General’s website.


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