Legislation would have kept lawmakers from pay raise Democrats prevent SB1083 from vote

Legislation co-sponsored by State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Peru) that would keep legislators from receiving a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for fiscal year 2016, was never voted on before legislators adjourned for the conclusion of the regularly scheduled spring session May 31.

“When our state is facing a more than six billion dollar deficit, this legislation is the least we can do to lead by example and help get our fiscal house in order,” Rezin said. “Unfortunately, the Democratic leadership did not allow this legislation to move through the Statehouse. Illinoisans are demanding real leadership from legislators, especially when it comes to the budget, and this piece of legislation would have been a great step in that direction.”

Under SB1083, members of the Illinois General Assembly, State’s attorneys, constitutional officers of State government, and appointed officers of State government, would not receive any compensation increase based on a COLA for Fiscal Year 1016, which begins July 1.

“At a time where cuts have to be made to state government in order to balance our budget, legislators shouldn’t be getting in sort of raise, even in the form of a COLA,” Rezin said. “It’s important we pass real reforms to state government, and this legislation, while it wouldn’t have saved the state much money, would have sent a strong signal to all taxpayers, that legislators are serious about turning our state around.”

Earlier this session, House Bill 4225, which would have permanently eliminated COLA’s for legislators wasn’t allowed to be voted on either.

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