Rezin legislation to keep two ICCB programs afloat during budget impasse

State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Peru) filed legislation that would keep two
Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) programs going during the state’s
budget impasse.


Bill 2188, filed this week, appropriates $18.5 million in federal funds for
career and technical education and $24.5 million in federal funds for adult
education. If passed and signed into law, ICCB would then have the authority to
spend these federal dollars on the programs.


this piece of legislation, these two programs are in danger of shutting down,”
Sen. Rezin said. “This will keep the career and technical education and adult
education programs afloat until the programs can receive all of the funding
they deserve through the passage of a balanced budget, something that needs to
happen as soon as possible.”


spoke to leaders at Joliet Junior College during a recent state hearing on
higher education on their campus. Rezin says these programs are two very
critical pressure points higher education is facing right now.


this summer, the legislature passed a federal spending bill with bipartisan
support, so I am confident we can get this legislation passed very soon,” Rezin
said. “The entire situation, however, underscores the importance of passing a
balanced budget for our state, one that makes fundamental reforms to state
government and one that will help create jobs, boost the state’s economy, and
put our state on a path of good fiscal policy.”


Rezin is hopeful this legislation remains a stand-alone bill during the
legislative process to allow these federal dollars to be passed through to the


Illinois House and Senate return to Springfield Oct. 20.

Sen. Rezin speaks at
the State Higher Education Committee hearing at Joliet Junior College in

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