Rezin attends leadership development program in Boston

State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Peru) was one of just 12 legislators from around the country to attend a four-day executive leadership workshop in Boston this week, led by the National Conference of State Legislators and the Beacon Leadership Collaborative.

“To be included in this workshop is quite the honor,” Sen. Rezin said. “This isn’t your average leadership program. It is unique, intense, and very engaging. It is something that will not only help me as a representative of my district, but something I can take to my colleagues to help them become even better legislators and leaders for their constituents.”

Using the principles of adaptive leadership and the events of the first days of the American Revolution, legislators attending the workshop used the events of the late 1700s as a case study to recognize current leadership challenges and how those who fought for our independence and then crafted the U.S. Constitution might improve today’s political challenges. 

“Politics has become too personal these days, and it shouldn’t be that way,” Rezin said. “While I believe our founding fathers would really appreciate how our democracy is working today and how it’s a model for other governments around the world, they would be disappointed with the personal attacks that all too often are associated with being an elected official. That said, with workshops like this and getting to know great leaders from around the country and seeing new, youthful energy all around us in city halls, state capitols, and the U.S. Capitol, I believe the best days are ahead of us.”  

The leadership conference also included fireside chats about history and leadership and why these historical lessons still matter today. Pulitzer Prize winning historians and authors Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of Team of Rivals and David Hackett Fischer, author of Washington’s Crossing, led conversations during the program.

“It was such a privilege to meet and discuss important topics with some of the greatest authors and minds today,” Rezin said. “Discussing the difference between leadership and authority, how leadership is a dynamic and interactive process, and the best way to put an action plan in place, are all key pieces to being a better leader and representative for your constituents.”

The group of legislators also met in some of the most historic locations in the United States including:

–       Buckman Tavern, where the Lexington militia gathered the night before the fateful encounter with the British on Lexington Common and where Paul Revere stopped to quench his thirst after his fabled ride.

–       Hancock-Clarke House, where John Hancock and Sam Adams met to discuss the American Revolution and the place where Paul Revere ended his ride shortly after midnight.

–       The Old State House, the original capitol building of Massachusetts built in 1713, where the Royal Governor held court and where the Boston Massacre occurred.

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