Senator Rezin releases statement after Governor Rauner’s Budget speech

“I am optimistic we can change the state’s dire financial direction. One that focuses on looking out for taxpayers and respecting the dollars they send to Springfield. One that makes our future the priority.

“That future begins with our students. For too long, the Chicago machine has passed unbalanced budgets and underfunded our schools, while giving hundreds of millions more to Chicago Public Schools. I agree with Governor Rauner in that we must increase funding for early childhood education and finally fully fund the state’s General State Aid formula for K-12 education. In my short time in the Senate, fully funding our schools has been a priority of mine considering it has been seven years since we have done so. Our future depends on it.

“I believe we can all work together—and in a bi-partisan fashion—to help our schools, pass balanced budgets, and move Illinois forward. Too many people, vital programs, and organizations are relying on this. Our citizens deserve to live in a state with a thriving economy and balanced budgets.”


– Sen. Sue Rezin

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