Legislation involving smoking age, criminal history of college applicants advance at Statehouse

With an April 8 deadline to advance non-budgetary legislation out of committee for consideration by the Senate, it was a busy week at the Statehouse.

Several notable pieces of legislation were advanced by Senate/House committees, including:

•           Increasing the age to purchase tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, from 18 to 21.

•           Prohibiting colleges from asking prospective students if they have been convicted of a crime.

•           Requiring drivers to slow down when passing a disabled vehicle on the side of the road.

•           Creating a private foundation to help raise money to make repairs to the State Fairgrounds in Springfield and DuQuoin.

•           Requiring teaching institutes to include instruction on the federal Americans with Disabilities Act at least once every two years.

Senate and House lawmakers return to Springfield April 12.

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