Groundhog Day in the Illinois Senate

On Wednesday, April 13, Senate Republicans felt as if they had awoken in the 1993 comedy classic “Groundhog Day,” when Democrats advanced yet another hollow promise, once again pushing through a massive spending plan without the funds to cover it. The latest proposal promised nearly $4 billion to human service providers and higher education but failed to identify a way to pay for the spending.

The proposal has been sent to the Governor, who has indicated he intends to veto the measure.

Republicans criticized the Democrat plan as yet another empty promise, pointing as an alternative to their own proposal to fund certain social service programs that GOP leaders recently introduced. Unlike the plans introduced by Democrat legislators, the Republicans plan is accompanied by a way to pay for the spending.

The Republican proposal would fund seniors in the Community Care Program; veterans; services for those with mental health issues and developmental disabilities; support for homeless youth and veterans; programs like Adult Redeploy that are critical to recent criminal justice reform efforts; addiction treatment, sexual assault services and prevention; and the Special Olympics.

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