Rezin: Education funding reform legislation still too one-sided

Calling it a “difficult, but necessary vote,” State Sen. Sue Rezin voted against Senate Bill 231, legislation that rewrites Illinois’ K-12 education funding formula. Rezin says the legislation unfairly targets certain schools, while rewarding Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

“It’s very troubling this legislation includes $750 million in special deals for Chicago Public Schools, a district already teetering on the brink of bankruptcy due to their financial mismanagement, all at the expense of suburban and downstate schools,” Rezin said. “That’s just wrong.”

Despite Rezin’s vote, the Illinois Senate advanced Senate Bill 231 May 10.

“This legislation ultimately hurts more schools and students than it helps in my 38th Senate District,” Rezin said. “I represent my entire district, not certain pockets and not certain schools. The bottom line is overall this legislation takes away more money from our schools and our students than what they currently receive. That’s critical funding that so many schools throughout my district desperately need right now.”

Rezin says a comprehensive solution to the K-12 funding formula must include education leaders, superintendents, principals, and other members of the education community.

“It’s highly unlikely this legislation will even make it to Governor Rauner’s desk,” Rezin said. “This conversation will continue, and I am optimistic new legislation can be crafted that the education community across the state will deem fair. We call all agree, the state must change the way we fund our schools. Getting to that balanced approach is doable. In the meantime, we must give certainty to schools across the state by fully funding our education, something that hasn’t occurred in seven years. I am urging the Democrat leadership to not hold up education funding in order to score political points. Our kids deserve the most from Springfield.”

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