Daily Fantasy Sports regulation

Popular online fantasy sports gaming websites, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, drew attention on May 19 when an effort to regulate daily fantasy sports in Illinois passed by a narrow margin in the Illinois Senate. However, the proposal’s future is uncertain—following the vote, a procedural maneuver was filed that placed the proposal on hold and prevented it from moving forward to the House. 

House Bill 3655 establishes regulations for the fantasy sports gaming industry by instituting strict guidelines, including setting a  minimum age of 21 for players, banning college and amateur-level sports from fantasy play, prohibiting players from having more than one account and restricting the number of contest entries one person can participate in. The legislation also prohibits personnel that work in the daily fantasy sports industry from participating on any fantasy sport platform. Additionally, athletes would be prohibited from playing, and companies could not advertise on college campuses. The Illinois Gaming Board would oversee the contests.

Opponents expressed concerns that these fantasy sports gaming sites wouldn’t be held to standards imposed on other gaming entities in the state, which are also overseen by the Illinois Gaming Board.

In several states, these contests have been deemed illegal, prompting lawmakers across the country to try and establish regulations. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued an advisory opinion in December noting her opinion that betting through sites like DraftKings and FanDuel is illegal.

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