Sen. Rezin’s letter to veterans for Memorial Day

Dear Friends,  

Memorial Day is a very special day. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest respect and admiration for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation.

We can never do enough to honor those who fought so bravely for the freedoms we enjoy today. Freedom has a price. The veterans we honor during Memorial Day or any other day paid the ultimate price so that we may enjoy the freedoms and way of life we have today. Bravery and giving of oneself are a major part of every generation. So, it’s our responsibility to make sure that all of our veterans’ sacrifices are never forgotten.

That means we have a responsibility to our soldiers to honor their sacrifice and service every day, not just Memorial Day. We are forever indebted to their courage, bravery, and selflessness. We must always thank them for going above and beyond for our country. They are true American heroes and they embody what our country stands for: freedom, democracy, integrity, and compassion.

Memorial Day reminds me of how lucky we are to live in this great country and encourages me to always reflect on the sacrifices so many have made for our safety and freedom.

I want to thank every veteran, those living and those who have gone before us, and the men and women who are serving our country now. Thank you!

May God bless our troops and our nation.


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