Rezin: Ending session with no balanced budget is a disgrace

“Ending the spring legislative session without a balanced budget is a disgrace and another sad day for Illinois. The intentions of the majority are purely political. This is wrong and a slap in the face to all Illinoisans.

“Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton are holding this state hostage with their actions – our children, students, the vulnerable, and every taxpayer. This is reckless behavior and purely partisan antics. It’s a disgrace.

“They have refused to support structural, pro-growth reforms our state desperately needs while at the same time, ignoring a budget proposal on the table that is not only paid for, but would ensure public schools can open in the fall and prisons, universities, colleges, social services, and government operations can stay afloat while we continue to negotiate a complete balanced budget.

“We are sent to Springfield to make difficult decisions, no matter the political consequence. That’s why I am committed to continuing to work through the summer to find common ground, work in a bipartisan fashion, and send a truly balanced budget to the Governor so we can move this state forward. It’s time to end the political games and give certainty to our credit agencies, social service providers, those in the education community, and every Illinoisan.”  

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