Driving newbies to receive practical training on police stops

Getting pulled over by law enforcement can frazzle the most seasoned driver. A new law, Public Act 99-0720, seeks to prepare new drivers to handle police stops by educating them on the proper way to react when law enforcement officers pull them over.

The goal is to prevent new drivers, usually teens, from panicking or reacting in a way that could cause a relatively benign situation to develop into something more serious. The new law requires driver’s education instructors and driving training schools to provide new drivers with instruction on how to act when pulled over by law enforcement.

The Secretary of State’s office will be responsible for developing the specific guidelines. However, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles website, it is recommended that when pulled over by law enforcement, drivers should pull over in a safe area, completely roll down their window and place both hands on the steering wheel. Law enforcement officials also recommend drivers stay calm and cooperate with the officer.

The recently signed law won’t take effect until the 2017-2018 school year.

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