Survey finds Illinoisans support term limits, redistricting efforts by wide margins

A survey released Oct. 5 by the Paul Simon Institute found Illinoisans overwhelmingly support term limits and independent redistricting efforts.

The survey found:

·         More than 80 percent favor a constitutional amendment limiting the number of terms a state representative or state senator can serve, while 17 percent are opposed.

·         72 percent of likely voters support an idea of an amendment establishing an independent commission to draw legislative district lines, while 18 percent are opposed. The Paul Simon Institute has been polling this question since 2010 and the support for redistricting reform this year is a record high.

The poll comes on the heels of an Illinois Supreme Court ruling in August that struck down a ballot referendum that would take the legislative district map drawing powers out of the hands of lawmakers. Efforts to get a proposed amendment on the ballot concerning term limits have also failed in the past.

Sen. Rezin says this recent survey is further proof these are reforms Illinoisans are demanding. That’s why she continues to push for legislation that would allow voters the opportunity to amend the Illinois Constitution to establish term limits and change the way legislative maps are drawn.

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