Senate Lawmakers Continue Work On Budget Framework

While no votes were taken this week, the Illinois Senate continued to negotiate and move forward with a comprehensive budget framework that would produce a balanced budget and incorporate structural reforms, which would set the state on a brighter fiscal path in the coming years.  It’s important to note that this is the first time since the budget impasse began that a budget framework has been put forward containing a full-year balanced budget with structural reforms, which has been insisted upon by Republican lawmakers and the Governor. 

During a series of committee hearings, lawmakers sought input on Senate Bills 1-13.  These measures, which are packaged together, must all pass in order for the framework to succeed.  The goal of this framework is to ensure Illinois gets a balanced budget for the current fiscal year, while also having it serve as a framework for all future budgets.   As negotiations continue over the coming week, Senate Republicans underscore the alternative to no action will be to continue doing nothing, which is simply no longer a viable option. 

The Senate is scheduled to reconvene on Feb. 7 at which time it is expected they will vote on the budget framework. 

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