Senate Republicans look toward budget progress

In the days following Gov. Bruce Rauner’s annual budget address, Senate lawmakers once again returned their attention to negotiating a resolution to Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis.  Senate leaders and lawmakers from both parties have been negotiating for weeks, working to craft a bipartisan budget framework and associated reform package that would finally bring stability and relief to the people of Illinois.

Senate GOP legislators have stressed that cuts to state and local government targeting inefficiency and waste must be the first priority.  They are also emphasizing that structural reforms to state government are also critical to maintain the state’s fiscal health, economic growth and financial stability moving forward.

With state debt rising by $11 million per day, and facing a projected budget deficit of $13.5 billion by the end of Fiscal Year 2017, Senate Republican lawmakers acknowledge an urgency to act.  Senate leaders aim to finalize a comprehensive budget package and bring the framework for a Senate vote in order to move the proposal to the House of Representatives for their consideration and input.

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