Senate cracks down on repeat gun offenders

<p><span style=”background: white none repeat scroll 0% 0%;”>The Senate approved a measure this week that imposes tougher sentences on repeat gun offenders.&nbsp; Senate Bill 1722 would allow judges to enact longer prison terms for gun crimes committed by those individuals who have a gun violation on their record.&nbsp; <br />
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Supporting this measure is Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson who said &ldquo;t<span style=”background: white none repeat scroll 0% 0%;”>he sentencing guidelines are &lsquo;a pivotal step&rsquo; in going after repeat gun offenders in a city where 91 percent of the more than 760 homicide victims in 2016 were killed with a gun.&rdquo;</span></span></p>
<p><span style=”background: white none repeat scroll 0% 0%;”>Senate Bill 1722 received bipartisan support in the Senate, as well as the support of Gov. Bruce Rauner. The recommendations of the Governor&rsquo;s Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform formed the basis for much of the legislation. The bipartisan Commission conducted a thorough review of the state&rsquo;s criminal justice and sentencing structure, looking for ways to improve public safety, while also reducing the state&rsquo;s reliance on incarceration and driving down recidivism rates. <br />
<span style=”background: white none repeat scroll 0% 0%;”>However, some lawmakers were reluctant to support the proposal, citing concerns over penalty reductions included in the legislation. </span></p>

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