New law allows parolees to receive free birth certificates

In an effort to make it easier for individuals out of prison to re-enter society, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 1413, which allows men and women to receive their birth certificates for no fee upon their release from the Department of Corrections.  

SB 1413 amends The Vital Records Act, which currently charges a $10 fee to search birth records and a $5 fee for a certified copy of a birth certificate. The new law allows for a one-time waiving of the $10 and $5 fees for a person upon release on parole, mandatory supervised release, final discharge, or pardon from the Department of Corrections.

In signing the legislation into law this week, Gov. Rauner noted the difficulties individuals face when trying to find housing or to get a job once they leave prison. He added that the new law removes an unnecessary obstacle standing in the way of an offender’s second chance at life.

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