Rezin: Education funding reform an ‘historic, fair, and equitable solution’

State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) issued the following statement in response to the Illinois Senate passing education funding reform legislation (SB 1947) Aug. 29. Rezin voted in favor of the legislation. 

“For far too long, our schools, including several in my Senate District, have been treated inequitably by the current funding formula. As a result of this unfair treatment, students have been impacted harshly. That ends with this bipartisan legislation.

“While it has been frustrating and not easy, something as important as education funding, shouldn’t be easy, because we have to get it right. Our battles to get to this point, while tough, have now lead Illinois to an historic, fair, and equitable school funding solution.

“This legislation is not perfect, but we should never let perfect get in the way of possible. This education funding reform finally gives equal funding to all students, making their dreams more possible. Schools will gain critical resources to provide more opportunities and mandate relief will provide for more flexibility. Countless other students will be able to attend schools of their dreams with a new scholarship initiative. This truly is a win for every student now and future generations.”

–       State Sen. Sue Rezin serves on the Senate Education Committee at the Statehouse and was a member of the bipartisan Education Funding Reform Commission.

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