The Middle East Conflict Wall Memorial in Marseilles launches challenge in remembrance of fallen heroes

The ILMFR, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to honoring our fallen and supporting veteran organizations and Gold Star families, launches the “30 Seconds for 30 Days” challenge to honor the over 7,000 fallen soldiers whose names are engraved upon the granite of The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, located in Marseilles.  

Participants of the challenge are encouraged to engage in a 30-second wall sit every day for 30 days and share their video on social media using hashtag #30ForOurFallen. This physical act of stillness and reflection is meant to bring awareness to the ultimate sacrifices made by brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect this great country.

A first of its kind, The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial pays homage to soldiers whose lives were lost during conflicts in the Middle East dating back to 1967. Incredibly, The Middle East Conflicts Wall is the only memorial in the U.S that is consistently updated with names of fallen heroes. Every summer, the wall is amended to honor additional selfless servicemen. On the third weekend in June, each hero’s name is recited during the memorial’s annual fundraising event, the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run.

The memorial’s founders Tony Cutrano and Jerry Kuczera spearheaded the project to ensure those who sacrificed their lives to protect America’s freedom were given proper recognition. Constructed in 2004, all materials and labor for the wall were donated by companies and local community members.

“We are so excited to launch this campaign,” said

Ray Prokaski Sr., president of ILFMR.  “Every day, thousands of men and women risk their lives for our country’s safety and unfortunately, some of those do not return home to their loved ones. That ultimate sacrifice is not lost on anyone. So we are taking just 30 seconds each day over the next month to say ‘thank you for your service’ and to remind everyone that every day, we remember our fallen heroes.”

To continue the mission of Cutrano and Kuczera, the ILMFR hopes the challenge will be symbolic for many and bring awareness to the unfortunate growth of

The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial. For more information about the “30 Seconds for 30 Days Challenge” or to make a donation, please visit

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