IDNR Urges Safety During Deer Hunting Season

IDNR is making it a top priority to ensure safety during the upcoming deer season’s first firearm hunting weekend of Nov. 17-19.

Most hunting incidents that occur—23 of the 29 from last year—actually involve hunters falling from elevated tree stands. IDNR requests hunters using tree stands should use a Fall Arrest System (FAS) safety harness, as 80 percent of tree stand accidents occurred due to hunters not using the restraint system.

IDNR Conservation Police are also reminding hunters with a firearm to follow these safety tips:

• Treat every firearm as if it is loaded, and never assume a firearm is unloaded;

• Always point a firearm in a safe direction;

• Be sure of the target, and make sure there are no other hunters, homes, buildings, vehicles or other animals beyond the target;

• Keep their finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger until they are ready to shoot.

Further guidelines and safety tips can be found at  The Firearm Deer Season begins Nov. 17-19 and ends on the Nov. 30-Dec. 3 weekend.

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