Rezin: Budget deal respects taxpayer dollars

State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) issued the following statement after the Senate passed a state budget May 30. Rezin voted in favor of the budget bills. 

“I am pleased the budget is balanced, and most importantly, there are no new taxes. Republicans made that clear from the beginning that we would not accept a budget that included another tax increase. 

“I am also pleased K-12 education will receive an additional $350 million. With the new funding formula now in full effect, this added funding will only strengthen our schools and sets our students and teachers on an even better path with more opportunities. Investing in our children is the best investment we can make as a state. 

“The budget also includes back pay owed to state workers in the Department of Corrections, something long overdue. 

“A balanced budget is just the beginning, however. We must continue to focus on reforms that will grow our economy, create jobs, and move Illinois forward.” 

Fiscal Year 2019 begins July 1.


The budget passed by the Senate cuts more than $1 billion in spending; delivers $350 million more in K-12 school funding through the evidence-based model; boosts early childhood education by $50 million; cuts $445 million in pension liability through a voluntary pension buy out and capping end-of-career salary increases that cause pension spiking; and rejects a proposed pay increase for lawmakers.

This budget also includes needed capital:      

  • Fully-funds the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2019 capital program.
  • Includes $2.5 billion for IDOT’s road program, which will create jobs and improve roads.
  • Provides $500 million for the University of Illinois Discovery Partners’ Institute (DPI). 
  • Includes $53 million for first-year costs to construct a new Quincy Veterans Home.
  • Allocates $600 million for statewide deferred maintenance, with $100 million of this amount going toward needs at institutions of Higher Education.
  • Provides $1 million to start a port redevelopment effort in Cairo. 

A supplemental spending bill for Fiscal Year 2018 will also fund agency operations, including $405 million for the Department of Corrections. It also includes $63 million for AFSCME back pay. 

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