Sen. Rezin calls for ethics reform legislation

In the wake of ongoing federal investigations regarding misconduct inside state and local governments, State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) joined several Illinois lawmakers today in Springfield to call for ethics reform legislation.

During a press conference at the Capitol, Sen. Rezin backed House Joint Resolution 87, which would create the Ethics Reform Task Force in an effort to assess current laws, study best practices, and propose legislation to ensure Illinois has among the most stringent ethics laws in the nation.

“Illinois has long had severe problems with ethical lapses in government,” said Sen. Rezin. “Corruption is costing hard-working taxpayers too much, and tougher laws to prevent this are long overdue in our state. This ethics task force is essential to sorting out what exactly our state needs to reform to make corruption more difficult to undertake, and easier to detect and prosecute.”

In 2012, Sen. Rezin proposed similar legislation, but it was not given consideration.

“I hope the current headlines give this legislation the push it needs to move forward,” said Sen. Rezin. “We just can’t wait any longer.”

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