Statement from Sen. Rezin on Governor’s re-opening plan

State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) released the following statement regarding the release of Governor Pritzker’s “Restore Illinois” plan.​

“After having time to thoroughly review the Governor’s released plan, I have concerns about many of its details. The Governor has decided to go against the long-standing practice of using the Illinois Department of Public Health’s eleven Emergency Medical Services regions for evaluating the state’s health care capacity.

By doing this, the Governor has lumped together mostly, rural Grundy and Kendall counties with the likes of Chicago, one of the nation’s largest cities. Our local economy cannot afford to wait for Chicago and Cook county as they deal with the challenges that COVID-19 presents to their heavily urbanized region.  

The Governor also needs to explain why he has chosen a 28-day requirement before moving to the next phase, while the Federal Government, under Dr. Fauci’s plan, and hard-hit states like New York are using a 14-day window.

This plan should have been developed in coordination with the General Assembly, which is why we need to return to Springfield more than ever so we can govern coequally.”  

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