Rezin Encourages Local Mayors & County Board Chairs to Show Support for Small Businesses by Calling on the Governor to Modify Reopening Plan

This week, I joined my Senate Republican colleagues to send a letter calling on the Governor to revise his Restore Illinois Plan and allow Illinois to move forward into Phase four. Illinoisan businesses, livelihoods and communities continue to remain at economic risk under the current reopening plan. Furthermore, I encouraged our local municipal leaders show unified support for our local businesses who have been struggling to stay afloat.

In our letter, we asked that the Governor revise his reopening plan to adopt a 14-day timeline instead of the current, arbitrary 28-day timeline. The Illinois Department of Public Health’s own data supports moving to Phase 4 in each of the four regions that the Governor created with his plan.

The letter notes that Illinois is still operating under rigid restrictions despite surrounding states loosening their regulations. Wisconsin has been open for weeks. Meanwhile, Michigan, who had some of the most rigid restrictions in place during the early stages of the public health crisis, is now allowing in-person restaurant dining.

You can read the full letter Senate Republicans sent to the Governor asking him to reconsider his current reopening timeline below.

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