Sen. Rezin’s statement on today’s Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing regarding the LaSalle Veterans’ Home Outbreak

“I appreciate Director Chapa LaVia taking the time to testify before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, but I have grave concerns about some of the information we learned today. The idea that COVID positive staff was allowed to continue working in the home is alarming and unacceptable. The Governor’s Department of Public Health waited 11 days to show up on-site, which caused significant delays in correcting infection control deficiencies leading to this fatal outbreak. Additional legislative hearings must continue to get the full story of what happened.

“The tragedy of what has unfolded at the veterans’ home cannot be understated. I’m glad that the director has called for an independent investigation and agree that there are lessons to be learned from this terrible outbreak that has claimed the lives of 27 of our nation’s heroes.”

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