Rezin reacts to the passage of partisan maps

State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) issued the following statement after Democrat lawmakers pushed their inaccurate and partisan legislative maps through the Illinois Senate:

“Over 50 individuals and groups, amongst them the leading government reform and minority advocacy groups in Illinois, pled their strong desire for Democrats to not rely upon the inexact population estimates they’ve chosen.

“Ironically, these are the same groups with whom many members of the majority supported when sponsoring the independent commission process for redistricting just two years ago. But today, when it mattered most, those groups were abandoned, along with the 75 percent of people in this state who have begged for an independent map-drawing process.

“What we witnessed today was a desperate attempt by those in power to hold on to that power at all costs. Even when it costs them the trust of their constituents. The people of Illinois deserve better than this. They deserve the chance to pick their politicians instead of once again, letting politicians pick their voters.”

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