Despite pledge, Pritzker approves ‘partisan’ maps again

Democrat leaders continue to choose political power over the will of the people by once again not allowing sufficient public input into revised legislative maps forced through the General Assembly on Aug. 31 and signed into law on Sept. 24 by the Governor.

It was the second time in five months Pritzker approved maps drawn up by his fellow Democrats despite an earlier campaign pledge. In 2018, then-candidate Pritzker repeatedly declared his support for an independent panel to draw legislative maps, going so far as to unequivocally promise that he would veto any legislative map drawn by lawmakers. He broke that promise the first time back in June, when he signed Democrats’ gerrymandered map.

Senator Sue Rezin said Illinoisans trusted Governor Pritzker to do the right thing and follow through on his promise. Numerous minority and community organizations called on the Governor to veto the map to protect their voting rights, which are outlined in the Constitution and Voting Rights Act. The Governor turned his back on them.

The legislative maps are currently being challenged in an ongoing court case, McConchie v. Illinois, which argues that the maps violate the Constitution.

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