Congressional re-map hearings begin this week

Public hearings began this week in the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate for the redrawing of the state’s U.S. House Districts.

While few details are known about the process, Congressional maps are redrawn every 10 years much like each states’ legislative maps.

So far, the Majority party has not said what their intentions are for the public hearings, but good-government groups ask for two weeks to review the proposal. During the state’s legislative map process, some good-government groups boycotted the last round of hearings due to a lack of transparency from the Majority party.

The public hearings lead up to the General Assembly’s regularly scheduled veto session, which is set for six days near the end of October and is when the Majority party says they plan to file and pass a Congressional map.

Senator Sue Rezin says she hopes the Congressional remapping process is more transparent and representative of the state’s diverse population than the most recent legislative map process.

You can view a full schedule and watch the hearings by clicking here.

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