Controversial Legislation from Veto Session Not Yet Signed into Law

While Gov. Pritzker has been expected to sign several controversial bills from the recent fall veto session, the three pieces of legislation that generated the most concern have not yet received his signature.

Senate Bill 1169 would reduce protections provided by the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act related to COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. These changes generated significant pushback from the public, including more than 50,000 individuals who filed witness slips in opposition to the bill. This bill was initiated at the request of the Governor.

House Bill 370 repeals the state’s Parental Notification of Abortion (PNA) act. Under current law, parents would have to be notified before one of their minor children receives an abortion. Provisions are in place for individuals who are victims of abuse. The recently passed legislation, however, completely ends the notification requirement. In media interviews, Gov. Pritzker has repeatedly stated his support for repealing the PNA.

House Bill 1291 contains proposed new Congressional maps as part of the once-every-ten-years process of redistricting, following the census. Despite pledging as a candidate to veto maps drawn by lawmakers, the Governor already signed new legislative and Supreme Court maps that were drawn by the majority party. According to recent news stories, as well as an admission from the House Speaker’s office, Gov. Pritzker’s office was directly involved in drafting the new Congressional maps with lawmakers, and is thus expected to sign this bill as well.

There are a handful of less controversial bills from the veto session that still await the Governor’s signature, including an incentive program designed to help attract and grow jobs and businesses related to electric vehicles, as well as the legalization and regulation of midwives.

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