Pritzker signs gerrymandered congressional map

Gov. Pritzker broke his campaign promise yet again last week when he signed legislation redrawing Illinois’ congressional district maps. In 2019, Pritzker campaigned that he would veto any map drawn by politicians. Last week’s signing marks the fourth time he went back on his word to the people of Illinois.

In fact, according to several news stories, as well as an admission from the House Speaker’s office, Gov. Pritzker’s office was directly involved in drafting the new congressional maps with lawmakers.

Senator Sue Rezin says that one thing has become clear throughout the remapping process this year—Gov. Pritzker and his allies have no interest in doing what is best for the people of Illinois. Gov. Pritzker already broke his pledge to voters when he signed two state legislative maps and one Supreme Court map into law. Now he has signed yet another gerrymandered, politician-drawn map, Senator Rezin added.

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