Sen. Rezin reacts to Governor’s Budget Address

Illinois Senator Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) released the following statement in response to the Governor’s Budget Address:

“I believe that the Governor touched on many issues that are important to all of us such as the need for increased investment in early childhood development, MAP grants and higher education. However, if you look at the budget closely, you quickly notice that the Governor seeks to expand governmental program spending by $2.5 billion.

“I fear that once the one-time Biden bucks are all spent, we would be headed for a budgetary disaster. Additionally, I am also concerned with the fact that the Governor is only proposing a one-year tax relief plan in areas that are extremely important to all Illinoisans. A one-year relief is the absolute bare minimum. Our constituents want and deserve long-term relief for over taxation. If we continue to play games and do the bare minimum, our state will continue to witness residents leaving in droves. We must implement permanent tax credits across the board.”

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