Senate Republicans call for cap on sales tax at the pump

Families are struggling with their personal budgets due to 40-year-high inflation rates. With gasoline prices at the pump topping well over $4 per gallon, Senate Republicans are taking steps to provide Illinoisans with real relief.

Senator Rezin says Illinoisans must have permanent, substantive tax relief, not the kind of short-term, election-year relief proposed by Gov. JB Pritzker during his Budget Address earlier this year. To that end, Senate Republicans are calling on the General Assembly and the Pritzker Administration to immediately cap the state’s sales tax on motor fuel at 18 cents per gallon. Currently, Illinoisans are paying about 25 cents per gallon in sales tax but could easily soon be paying up to 34 cents if gas prices hit $5.50 per gallon.

The legislation, Senate Bill 4195, was announced Thursday, when Senate Republicans were joined by industry stakeholders for a press conference in Springfield. The proposal has the potential to save consumers up to $1 billion.

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