Rezin: Democrats ram through election year gimmick budget

Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) issued the following statement after Democrat lawmakers passed short-term tax relief in an election year as part of their FY23 budget, while also increasing state spending by billions.

“Yet again, the Majority Party has rushed a budget through the General Assembly in the dead of night. While Democrats have decided to increase the state’s permanent spending, they are offering the residents of this state with limited and temporary tax relief that ends shortly after the 2022 elections.

“Illinois families are struggling to keep up with ballooning inflation and out-of-control taxes. This year we had a real opportunity to provide the residents of our state with real and permanent tax relief that they so desperately need. Instead, they get tax relief gimmicks and reckless spending.”

Sen. Rezin voted in favor of the tax relief portion of the plan, despite calling for permanent tax relief, but voted against the state spending plan.

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