No deal yet on ‘SAFE-T’ Act as Veto Session week one wraps

No progress was made on the SAFE-T Act last week as lawmakers returned to Springfield as a part of the regularly scheduled Fall Veto Session. Along with the controversial SAFE-T Act, little to no action was taken on other issues during the two of the three regularly scheduled days as Thursday was cancelled.

Several news outlets this week reported that it’s unlikely Illinois will see much of any substantial changes to the new criminal justice law, known as the SAFE-T Act, despite Republicans, some Democrats, and 100 of the 102 State’s Attorneys calling for necessary changes in order to protect public safety. Any amendments to the law will likely be “technical” in nature.   

Many provisions of the SAFE-T Act, including the controversial Pre-Trial Fairness Act, which abolishes cash bail, are set to take effect January 1.

Lawmakers will come back together for the final week of Veto Session on November 29 – December 1, following the Thanksgiving holiday.

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