Abortion Bill Passes in General Assembly, Awaiting Governor’s Signature

Last Tuesday, both chambers passed another abortion bill that proponents claim will increase access to abortion and gender reassignment procedures. They say the legislation is designed to protect people undergoing these procedures and those performing them in Illinois, including those traveling from other states where the procedures may be illegal.

Additionally, the bill will expand on who can perform these procedures and will expedite the licensure process for medical professionals coming from other states. Furthermore, the bill will target insurance companies and compel them to provide coverage, if they already provide pregnancy coverage, for certain abortion medications.

Lastly, the bill would also prevent the Governor from extraditing individuals who come to Illinois that are charged with breaking abortion laws in other states.

Opponents of this bill cite multiple concerns with the legislation. One concern is that by allowing non-doctors to perform certain abortion procedures will result in potential severe injury. Also among them is the concern that prioritizing abortion licensure will result in delay in approving other licenses for different illnesses, including those potentially terminal like cancer or brain tumors.

Senator Sue Rezin voted against the abortion expansion bill. She noted that Illinois is already seen as a very abortion friendly state, but this law would turn Illinois into a state of extreme pro-abortion laws.

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