Rezin reacts to Northwestern football hazing scandal

Coaches should be held accountable for more than wins and losses

Illinois Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) released the following statement in response to the hazing incidents that has occurred within the Northwestern football program:

“The harmful and dangerous hazing culture that existed within the Northwestern football program is detrimental to the students, the university, and our society and should never have been tolerated.

“As a mother of two former D-I athletes, I have seen firsthand the lifelong impact college athletics have on young people. It is the foundation for how they will interact in their professional and personal lives and relationships once they graduate.

“Parents throughout the nation trust their impressionable children with collegiate coaches who promise to look out for, support and help mold student athletes into future leaders in our society.

“Coaching staffs set the standards for what is safe and acceptable behavior and should be accountable for more than just their wins or losses. ‘I didn’t know’ is not a defense – it is an excuse. It is their job to ensure they know what is going on with their team on and off the field to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

“Protecting young people from hazing, harassment, and bullying is vital in creating a compassionate and productive society. I commend Ramon Diaz Jr. for his bravery in sharing his story and advocating for change and I will continue to work with victims and advocates to help make our institutions and our state a safer place for all.”

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