IDOT’s Fiscal Year 2025-2030 Plan Released

IDOT’s newest Multi-Year Improvement Plan (MYP) is the largest in state history, investing $41.42 billion over the next six years in various projects touching every county in Illinois. Funding for the projects will come from a combination of federal, state, and local dollars.

This program is part of the ongoing Rebuild Illinois Program, designed to improve the state’s transportation infrastructure. The primary goal of this funding is to modernize Illinois roadways. In this annual update to the MYP, $29.65 billion is earmarked for roads and bridges, while the remaining $11.77 billion is allocated for public transit, freight, and passenger rail, as well as other projects.

That includes 145 projects within the 38th Senate District with an expected investment of more than $775 million.

Information about the plan can be found on IDOT’s website.

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