Rezin responds to Governor’s amendatory veto of concealed carry

MORRIS, IL – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) said Governor Quinn’s July 2 amendatory veto of the concealed carry legislation, House Bill 183, was expected but disappointing.  

“This legislation was negotiated for months and the issue has been around for years,” Rezin said.  “As the last state in the nation to enact a concealed carry law, we were able to draw from laws of other states and draft legislation that was comprehensive.  This required compromises from all sides of the issue, and for many it is not perfect, but it does takes a significant step forward in protecting Illinois residents’ Second Amendment rights.  For Governor Quinn to amendatorily veto this legislation now shows disregard for that fact and the fact that these negotiations and compromises have taken place for months.  If he wanted these provisions to be included in the legislation, then he should have been involved in the legislative process.  To decide to step into the process now is a bit disingenuous.”

Sen. Rezin said due to the fact that the legislation originally passed with a veto-proof majority in both chambers during this Spring session, she anticipates the General Assembly will easily override Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto.    


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