Rezin hopes Governor’s action on legislative pay gets results

MORRIS, IL – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) says she hopes Gov. Quinn’s action to suspend legislator’s pay will spur action on much-needed pension reform.  

“I hope that the Governor’s action will get results,” Sen. Rezin said.  “I share his frustration and I am fine with the idea that we shouldn’t be paid until we’ve done the job and this problem is resolved.  I have talked consistently over the last three years about the need to reform our pension systems in order to protect its solvency.  

“It is long past time to bring everyone to the table, including the Governor, so we can ensure the stability of these systems not only for current retirees, but for the future retirees as well.  Governor Quinn has done what he has done and while I can support his action, he needs to do more.  Pension reform hasn’t happened because the Governor and his two legislative leaders have been unable to agree on an approach.”

Sen. Rezin said that Illinois is in this situation due to the one-party control in the state for the last decade.  

“We’re in this position because the one-party control has grossly mismanaged the state’s finances over the last ten years,” she said.  “They have consistently decided to take the money that was supposed to be for the pension systems and spent it elsewhere.  Perhaps if somehow nothing else has provided a wake up call, the Governor’s action will.”

Sen. Rezin says she remains committed to achieving pension reform that is a true constitutional solution by protecting retiree benefits, giving assurance that the state will pay money to the pension funds each year as they should, and protecting taxpayers from future liabilities.  

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