Rezin Receives Agriculture Certified Legislator Certificate

MORRIS, IL – While at the Farm Progress Show on August 28 in Decatur, Illinois, State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) earned credentials from the Illinois Farm Bureau as an Agriculture Certified Legislator.  

Sen. Rezin received the certificate after touring the Farm Progress Show with the Illinois Farm Bureau and the certificate recognizes her efforts to gain a better understanding of Illinois Agriculture.

The Farm Progress Show is one of the nation’s largest outdoor farm expositions.  During the last week of August, lawmakers learned about the latest technology used in agriculture from industry experts such as John Deere and Monsanto.  They also saw how farmers use new tools to produce food for their family and families across the state while minimizing their impact on the environment, and much more.  Attendees of the informational session and tour received the Illinois Farm Bureau 2013 Agriculture Certified Legislator Certificate at its conclusion.  

Sen. Rezin said this was her first opportunity to attend a Farm Progress Show in 40 years and was amazed at how much the industry has changed and developed.  

“It was fascinating to see how vitally important agriculture is to our state, and learn how diverse the industry really is,” Rezin emphasized. “It is more than just agriculture, it is agribusiness.”

Sen. Rezin is pictured speaking with a John Deere representative during the tour of the Farm Progress show in Decatur, Illinois on August 28, 2013.  

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