Rezin to serve on “fracking” task force

MORRIS, IL – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) said she has been appointed to serve on the Task Force on Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation.  The establishment of the task force was included in the hydraulic fracturing legislation with the purpose to examine if further changes are needed to the law.

Senate Bill 1715, which created regulation for hydraulic fracturing in Illinois, became law on June 17, 2013.  This landmark measure has been identified as a likely model for regulating horizontal hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” is a drilling process in which drillers spray high pressurized sand and liquid formulas into the well to break into the rock formations. Hydraulic fracturing has been used for years, but because of new technology this method is becoming more popular in the United States. This method is directly leading to record low natural gas prices and is causing a drilling boom in some western states, particularly North Dakota.

The regulations contained in Senate Bill 1715 were adopted after extensive negotiations between environmental groups and the energy industry.  Due to the nature of the legislation, the task force will monitor the regulations and evaluate whether changes and modifications need to be made to the law in order to appease both environmental groups and the energy industry.  

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