State retiree health insurance information sessions

Concerns over the new Medicare Advantage programs for state retirees are being heard across the state in a series of sessions conducted by the state’s Central Management Services agency.

Retired state workers, teachers and college employees are encouraged to attend these meetings to learn more about their healthcare options. The events are meant to provide detailed explanations on the benefits and drawbacks of the new insurance plans.

Central Management Services (CMS) has published a list of nearly 36 meetings that are scheduled between now and December 11. The details of each meeting are listed on the CMS website. A CMS representative will assist in answering questions at these sessions and will explain how a retiree can sign up or opt out of the Medicare Advantage programs.

Retirees face a difficult challenge in the next few weeks in choosing the health insurance option that best fits their needs. The state wants retirees to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan because it predicts the switch will save the state nearly $200 million. The meetings scheduled are intended to give retirees’ a chance to raise concerns and get questions answered before the Dec. 13 enrollment deadline.

Click here for a list of the meetings around the state. 

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