Senator Sue Rezin reacts to Governor Bruce Rauner’s nomination of Philip Nelson, a Seneca farmer, to lead the Illinois Department of Agriculture

“I am very pleased and excited Philip Nelson will be the state’s next Department of Agriculture Director. As a fourth generation farmer from Seneca, he is the perfect fit to grow Illinois’ exports, be an advocate for farmers, and help feed not only Illinois residents, but people around world. He will also be an advocate for growing our energy industry. I am so proud to call Philip a friend and neighbor. The 38th District is proud as well. It’s also very refreshing Governor Rauner picked a farmer to lead the Department of Agriculture. Philip’s experience in the fields, on the combine, at the elevator, and leading the Illinois Farm Bureau will pay great dividends to those involved in the agriculture industry in Illinois and our economy. I am looking forward to working with Philip in his new role to make sure all our farmers, those in the agriculture industry, and those in the energy industry have the support they need from Springfield.”

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