Senator Rezin: New Year, New Governor, New Attitude in Illinois

State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Peru) says now that Illinois has a new Governor in Bruce Rauner, the future is much brighter for all residents, tax payers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and those looking to move to Illinois.

“The people of Illinois elected a bipartisan government,” Senator Rezin said. “I am confident Governor Rauner will work with legislators from both sides of the aisle to develop long-term bipartisan solutions to help improve many aspects of Illinois government that are failing right now.”

Senator Rezin says during the next few years, the state will face very difficult challenges that will require tough solutions. However, after Rauner’s inauguration today, Rezin is optimistic it is possible to turn things around in Illinois.

“We have new opportunities coming to Illinois,” Senator Rezin said. “For 13 years, our state has seen the ramifications of one-party rule. Instead of comprehensive solutions and long term planning, we’ve seen short term fixes and bad governance. Fortunately, we will now break away from this pattern which will benefit everyone who lives and works in Illinois. I look forward to a new way of thinking at the statehouse and look forward to working with a Governor who not only calls Springfield home, but one who will be available during session days.”

Legislators will be sworn into office Wednesday, January 14th. Senator Rezin says the new 99th General Assembly will then immediately get to work.

“Stabilizing our budget, passing pro-business reforms, and making government more efficient are things that cannot wait,” Senator Rezin said. “It’s a new day for Illinois; one that is much brighter than the past.”

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