Senator Rezin Sets Priorities for the State and the 38th District in 2015

Now that there is new leadership in the Governor’s Office and the new 99th General Assembly has been sworn into office, State Senator Sue Rezin says it’s time to get to work.

“With our state in a fiscal crisis, we have no time to waste,” Senator Rezin said. “The solutions to our problems will be difficult, especially when it comes to the state’s budget. It will be painful the first few years. That said, it is necessary for our state’s future, and I am optimistic our future is bright.”


Beyond the budget, Rezin’s priorities this year for the state include passing pro-businesses reforms, creating jobs, focusing more on the energy sector, boosting the economy, and easing the burden on residents with lower taxes, less spending, and fewer regulations.


“I am tired of people moving out of Illinois, seeing neighboring states thrive, and entrepreneurs not choosing our state to start their businesses,” Rezin said. “That stops this year with a new attitude in Springfield.”


Locally, Rezin’s priorities include making sure power plants in the 38th District continue to thrive, fully securing a buyer and developer for the Hennepin steel site, protecting landowners from a controversial high-voltage overhead transmission line called Rock Island Clean, creating a better business climate for business owners in the 38th District, expanding internship opportunities for local students, fully funding schools, and securing more resources to help communities fight flooding.


“These are my priorities because the people who live in the 38th District are hardworking, family-oriented, have great values, and deserve to see their neighborhoods, schools, and businesses thrive,” Rezin said. “I look forward to making these priorities a reality.”

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